6 Big Benefits of Cloud for C-Stores

6 Big Benefits of Cloud for C-Stores

In the C-store world, everything is driven by technology and analytics. Digital signage, POS systems, in-store wireless, cameras and menu boards are just a handful of examples. Your store relies on automated alerts to everything from problems with a fuel tank dispenser, to the coolers malfunctioning. This connected technology not only improves your ability to reach peak performance, it also drives revenue up.

Meanwhile, the cloud is becoming more ubiquitous in both the consumer and the business worlds.

Your technology provider should offer you a mix of on-site and cloud solutions that can drive your C-store business towards growth, increasing profit margins and differentiating yourself on brand recognition. Transition to the cloud should be incremental so as not to disrupt the entire business and it should be done strategically with an IT partner who you can trust to stick with you for the long haul.

1. Increased profit margins. For an industry faced with increasingly slim margins, this is one of the biggest reasons to transition to the cloud. As cloud offers business intelligence and trend analyses, it presents C-stores never-before-seen opportunities for predictions that help you better plan your next move and give you near pin-point accuracy to increase your profits.

2. Connected consumer experiences. As competition increasingly becomes branding focused, cloud offers C-stores the ability to more readily connect with consumers. With numerous opportunities to increase brand awareness and likeability, transitioning to the cloud easily fits into your growth strategy.

3. ERP solutions can be deployed quicker. For as long as your competitive edge relies on technology, having the ability to plug and play different ERP solutions on a dime gives you more flexibility and control in the market.

4. Better data analytics. From retail supply chain and peak pump use to employee tracking and revenue prediction, cloud applications offer the ability to collect and synthesize complex analytics from connected devices, delivering meaningful insights for your stores.

5. Supply chain automation. The ability to analyze can go beyond up-to-date barcode scanning and data-driven software platforms. Go further with neighborhood insights and automated replenishment, based on consumption patterns that are more refined than a manager’s ability to predict what consumers want.

6. Agile management. Technology issues can keep a person up at night, especially when you can’t easily monitor what’s going on at the store without being at said store. That’s hard to do if your store is in Rochester and you’re in Syracuse or if it’s midnight and you’re in bed.

In high-traffic industries like C-stores, where consumers expect immediacy and ultimate convenience, and will be quick to let everyone know if they don’t receive it, the cloud offers innovative and agile ways to keep up with demands. When you’re searching for the best partner to implement the cloud, look for a provider that can create a long-term strategic plan that can keep you competitive and keep things running.

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