IT Security Services

Fully Hosted Security as a Service

Fully Hosted Security as a Service

At ICS, we can help your company navigate through every phase of its operations, growth, and likewise, its technology developments. It’s no secret that in our technologically-advanced age, businesses of every kind rely on successful identification and implementation of IT solutions to optimize their operations. We deliver the best, most innovative full hosted Security as a Service (SaaS) solutions possible in Upstate and Central NY, maximizing our clients’ efficiency and daily goings-on.

Managed & Maintain Software Solutions

With our fully hosted SaaS offerings, your business can fully leverage enterprise-level technology solutions, without the time it takes to effectively manage and maintain them yourself. By outsourcing this responsibility to our experienced, trained team, you get the peace of mind that you deserve, without the pains of managing and maintaining your security solutions.

With the powerful tools made available through our fully hosted SaaS, your business can protect its assets and ensure its continuity. We’ll keep a close eye on your network so you don’t have to. Our fully hosted SaaS solutions implement a completely remote, cloud-based monitoring and maintenance solution that’s deployed to your entire company’s infrastructure and designed to scan your network for out-of-place discrepancies and entities, resolving them in an efficient manner that’s customized to your business’ needs and specifications.

Contact ICS today for our cutting-edge, customized full hosted security as a service

We say we make IT happen for businesses of any size – and we mean it! Contact ICS today for our cutting-edge, customized full hosted security as a service, as well as our best-in-industry customer service and support offered to all our customers in Upstate and Central NY, as well as PA.