Technology is Constantly Changing – Are you Keeping Up?

Technology is Constantly Changing – Are you Keeping Up?

Change – it’s scary, sometimes overwhelming, but always inevitable. Especially when it comes to technology. New security threats are emerging daily, requests for mobility are on the rise and there are so many different tools and solutions that your business may not even know about.

Your current IT provider is probably focused on keeping things up and running day to day, which is clearly important. But, what about being proactive about your growth goals or strategy initiatives? In today’s competitive landscape, not keeping up with changing technology could put you at a real disadvantage.

Here are a few reasons you need to stay current with your technology:

Increase efficiency – If you’re not aware of the latest technology solutions, then chances are you’re missing an opportunity for better efficiency. Take mobility, for example. More people in today’s workforce are looking for easier ways to access data and stay connected when out of the office. Major advancements in mobility services and suites allow secure access to company data and applications from anywhere. Which in turn, increases productivity.

More productive and happier employees – Is your IT provider fixing the same problems over and over again? If so, your employees certainly take notice. A common complaint in many small businesses is recurring IT issues. New technology and proactively planning for technology needs can reduce downtime. Communication is also imperative. Keeping employees in the dark about IT threats and IT initiatives can become a major source of frustration.

Avoid downtime – Software and security are not the only things that should be kept current. Aging equipment and outdated operating systems are more prone to problems and can go down at a moment’s notice. Not only can this take days to repair and restore, but some older legacy systems may not even be supported or compatible with today’s technology.

Protect your network and data – Ransomware threats like WannaCry exploited security holes in a version of Microsoft Office that was no longer supported. By not updating software regularly, you put your company at risk for attacks and your data and files at risk for corruption. Avoid security risks by always using the latest, recommended versions of your software.

Just because something is new, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better, either. Having an experienced IT partner that assesses your situation, addresses your needs and determines the value of new technology solutions to your business is essential. Sometimes, the latest products or services will not work for your particular needs. Keeping current with changing technology is ICS’ key to making informed recommendations.

Remaining stagnant is just not an option in a rapidly changing technology landscape. Working with an IT partner that understands your business, and is current with the latest solutions and newest threats, is imperative. If you want to continue to grow and remain competitive, you have to leverage IT effectively.

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