Time to Evaluate Your Internal IT Solution? 3 Ways to Know

Time to Evaluate Your Internal IT Solution? 3 Ways to Know

As your company grows, there are constant decisions to make and considerations to worry about. Sometimes, IT is put on the back burner. Maybe you want to open a new office location and add new employees. Perhaps you just landed a new client who requires more mobile access. Your current IT staff may already be at maximum capacity or potentially lack the expertise of the latest advances. One thing is for sure – your growing business relies on successful technology results.

So, how can you be sure it’s time to evaluate your internal IT solution? Look for these 3 things:

1) Same recurring problems – Is your computer consistently slow? Do you experience dropped calls on the desk phone? Internet constantly down? If the same issues keep coming up again and again, the symptoms are being treated instead of the underlying cause. Band-Aid or break-fix solutions may work in the short term. Ultimately, though, overall productivity will continue to suffer. If you want to prevent these recurring problems across your organization, the root problem needs to be identified and addressed.

2) Current infrastructure not supporting growth – You may have the right IT infrastructure in place to support current operations, but not planning ahead for growth can lead to major challenges in work flow. Things to consider include number of employees, amount of data, office locations and access controls. Creating an infrastructure that can be easily scaled or expanded will save time, money and headaches as you continue to grow. An experienced IT provider who’s well versed in solutions planning can help put you on the right path.

3) Unpredictable costs – Whether disaster recovery costs are killing your budget or an expanding workforce is causing additional expense, you can’t successfully manage expenditures without predictability. Optimizing technology based on strategic growth goals puts you in a better position to meet demands in a cost effective manner. If you can better forecast your monthly costs, you can budget for the highest level of service and maximize system uptime.

Recently, a local healthcare client was experiencing too much downtime due to their internal IT staff putting out fires instead of planning ahead. ICS conducted a thorough assessment and addressed the root of their problems so they wouldn’t happen again. Their feedback described a typical experience with growing companies – “Our other IT services company was not delivering on many projects, and we kept going through internal IT staff.”

And how has that solution worked for their organization? In their own words, “So far ICS has proven to be a consistent, stable help to our business.”

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